Company Register

Company Register


Terms and conditions for Business

– We are obligated to add the name of the aforementioned company to the debit cards issued as a discount provider on his cards, and add the company’s logo on the website of the Wow company.

– The aforementioned company is obligated to discount the discount as previously defined on all its services / products, to all holders of the facilities card and the discounted rates issued by the WOW company.

– The aforementioned company is not entitled to refrain from providing the discount decided throughout the subscription period, and the discount is extended to discount card barcode holders.

– The two parties are obligated to cooperate with each other; To achieve common interests, and to satisfy the clients benefiting from the aforementioned discount.

– The contract period is one year, starting from the date of registration, and may be renewed with the consent of both parties.

– It is not permissible for the aforementioned company to cancel this subscription during its validity, and in the event that either party desires to terminate this contract, the other party must be notified at least a month before its expiry.

– The aforementioned company is obligated to place Wow company posters from the debit card advertisements in the service areas.

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all conditions

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